Why Greenville Is A Great Place To Live

From being a textile giant to a bustling metropolis, the city of Greenville has transformed into one of the best places to live in the United States. But what makes Greenville truly a great place to live?

What Is It Like To Live In Greenville

 Greenville SC credits its success to simply creating a balance between what was and what is. It encourages growth and development through a robust local economy and creates job opportunities but still focus on the traditional quality of life. It is all about creating diversity, pushing for economic growth while nurturing social growth with lots of activities and green spaces.

The revived downtown serves as the region’s focal point, where it attracts new businesses, nurtures culinary expertise, and cradles affordable housing. Here, high-class amenities without the disadvantages of a populated city are evident. Main Street which occupies a 10-block stretch, is lined with famous retail brand names, fine dining restaurants, bars and other businesses.

According to U.S News, “Best Places To Live In,” Greenville ranks number 29 with an overall score of 6.8 out of 10. The ratings is measured based on desirability, job market, quality of life and net migration.

Greenville’s all-year round pleasant temperatures and affordable cost of living make it a suitable place to live in. What is even better is the manifestation of urban development but still, puts an emphasis on nature and taking care of the environment.

How to Get Around Greenville

Getting around in Greenville can be done just by walking, especially downtown. With just minor traffic to deal with, most people drive to go from one place to another. In case you want to go to nearby areas, Interstate 85 the best route.

If you happen to be driving and want to check out downtown Greenville, you won’t worry about parking spaces as there are 700 on-street spaces and about 10 garages with free parking for the first hour.

If you like to commute, you can get around the city through two forms of public transportation. You can ride the Greenlink bus system that goes around the entire region and the Downtown trolley. These red and blue open-air trolleys seat 35 passengers and offer a vintage feel. Safety and security are of main concern for trolley passenger, which is why they are restricted to board and exit at specific trolley stops.

With its commitment to community and economic development while staying true to its traditional roots, Greenville has created a balance which makes it a great place to live in.  

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