Top Restaurants in Greenville SC

If you are up for a gastronomic adventure, go no further because Greenville SC is a thriving food scene that may surprise you with its myriad of dishes served in over 600 restaurants. Downtown alone covers 10 city blocks of establishments with over 100 restaurants you can choose from.

The city of Greenville is developing into a major dining attraction drawing in hundreds of thousands of tourists each year. The attractive Main Street alone, its pedestrian-friendly pathways, exterior plazas, and hundreds of locally owned stores and various dining establishments is a tourist magnet in South Carolina’s city.

Get your taste buds ready as we explore the dynamic food scene in the city of Greenville SC:

Fine Dining
Some nights call for an exquisite dining experience, whether it’s a celebrating an anniversary, birthday or a promotion. At Greenville, you’ll find a wide range of fine dining restaurants that offer the alternative of local southern cuisine and everything in between. You’ll definitely love to discover two major dining staples such deviled eggs and pimento cheese.

Yet if you’re not exactly sure regarding specific local preferences, you’ll most likely be addicted when you attempt several of the Upstate’s barbecue, cornbread, wonderful tea and also pecan pie. If standard alternatives appeal more to your taste, Greenville supplies a cosmopolitan range beyond what you would certainly anticipate for a city of its dimension.

You’ll find Italian, Thai, Indian, Chinese, Dutch, New Mexican, German, French and Brazilian, among others. You’ll also find it extra enjoyable to eat healthy and balanced meals in this side of South Carolina.

Check out Ristorante Bergamo, Davani’s, and Chophouse ‘47.


South Carolina has one of the best local barbecue dishes in the country. In fact, the Palmetto State maintains a list of barbecue joints in a 100-mile drive. You can check out local favorites such as Bucky’s Bar-B-Q Restaurant, Smoke On The Water Restaurant and Henry’s Smokehouse.


Greenville is also home to a wide range of sumptuous lunch spots. If you’re craving for the American favorite hamburger or flavorful salads, take a walk down Main Street and get to enjoy a mouth watering meal by the sidewalk.

For a casual gastropub vibe, check out Nose Dive in Main Street. It is one of Greenville’s most sought after “food forward” restaurant that offers a bursting combination of creativity and modern food technology.

Soby’s is another local restaurant you have try when you visit Greenville. The food served here is a mix of traditional southern ingredients blended with contemporary cuisines. If you’re wine lover, you can also check out their consistent winner of Wine lists.

Desserts, Coffee, and Tea

A gastronomic adventure will not be complete without getting desserts. It’s okay to admit that once in a while, dessert can come first.

If you happen to Lauren St. In Downtown Greenville, try Caviar & Bananas, a gourmet and open cafe that serves everything from exquisite caviar to their flavorful bananas and other fresh locally sourced ingredients.

Strossner’s Bakery & Cafe has been serving Greenville for over 60 years now. You can try their freshly baked bread, mouth-watering cookies or enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Indeed, Greenville is filled with dynamic and flavorful cuisine that is sure to captivate the hearts and appetite of locals and tourists.

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